Preston's motto is "Where Principles are as Solid as the Work!" This serves as the focus for Solid Foundation Construction. Preston's background is filled with important lessons on creating a strong work ethic. He has many great memories of watching his father, who is also a carpenter, value good relationships throughout his work.
Preston grew up in Floyd County, which is situated off the parkway in southwest Virginia. As a teenager he began working for his uncle's business, Harris Construction. Preston was privileged to work algonside his uncle and his father in the business. He learned early on that he had many gifts and talents for carpentry. He quickly took his work to another level. In high school he competed in Skills USA competitions on local, state, and national levels, with a specialty in carpentry. After graduating high school Preston continued to work for Harris Construction. He realized carpentry was his passion and vocational calling. He knew if his professional journey was going to be as a carpenter he needed to broaden his scope of work. He ingrained himself in all aspects of the trade throughout the next several years. He and his wife moved to Winston-Salem, NC, in June 2008. Preston's wife, Amber, was a student at Wake Forest University School of Divinity where she earned her M.Div. While Amber was a student, Preston was launching his business. Preston says, "Amber is an incredible support for my business. She believes in me and helps me build a strong foundation."

Preston began his business in the Spring of 2009. He established Solid Foundation Construction LLC in the Summer of 2011. Preston enjoys thinking creatively and realistically with customers about how to improve and customize their homes. His craftsmanship goes beyond just carpentry. Preston also does tile work, painting, electrical work, flooring, precision trim work, and creative desgining. He is very grateful to his customers for their support and he looks forward to hopefully working with you very soon!